Mobizen for samsung apk Download Tutorial And Guide

Talking about Mobizen for samsung, for sure, it is related to the multimedia-based need like photo editing, video, and audio. Mobizen Screen Recorder Application enables you to directly make a capture or a screenshot from your android device’s screen easily.

What is Mobizen for samsung ?

Well, in general, Mobizen is one of recording applications for Android. Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit is one of world’s most popular applications which is used by more than 50 million users. There are various reasons make gamers, youtubers or common people very fond of the application such as Mobizen has many interesting features, it can be used easily, and it is compatible for every type of Android.

For some people, looking for a suitable Screen Recorder application is quite difficult because there are too many similar applications offered by Google Playstore or iTunes, this is very troublesome and wasting time because after the installation of an application from your Android or iPhone but the application doesn’t suit your need, you will have to uninstall the previous application, looking for another alternative application, and install it. Before going further about Mobizen Screen Recorder Application, here mobizen apk download attach some tips on how to choose a right Android iOs Screen Recorder application:

  1. The most difficulty in choosing application is the developer doesn’t write the description based on the reality of the application. To prevent this, you have to see some other considerations in the next points.
  2. Look at the application’s Reviews Rating firstly; a good application will have four or five stars. Note: in any mobile market you use including Google Playstore, iTunes or Amazon there are so many low quality applications.

    Mobizen for samsung Review

    Mobizen for samsung Review

  3. Read the users’ review. If most of them give good feedback, it means the application is worthy to be tried.
  4. The next mistake is sometimes we didn’t read the description about the feature of an application completely and carefully.

Mobizen Screen Recorder Features

Here are some best features of Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, edit application:

  1. It can record the screen activities and voices
  2. Choices of the video quality (depends on your android iOs specifications), if your device’s specification supports you will get some Resolution choices, they are: 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 240 pixel
  3. Frame rate: 60fps, 50fps, 40fps, 30fps, 25fps, 20fps, 15fps, 10fps, and 5fps
  4. It can record face using Face Cam or front camera
  5. Equipped with Video Editor, so it enables you to cut the particular scene which you think isn’t good enough
  6. It can make a screenshot from a recorded video
  7. There is a choice to unused watermark (clean recording)
  8. You can change the icon of Air Circle button as you please
  9. Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit application has a counting down feature so it eases you to set the time of start recording.

Mobizen Screen Recorder App Download

For android users, click the following links to get the Mobizen apk [button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=””]Mobizen Screen Recorder App Download[/button-green]

The other ways you can do to download:

  1. Open your Android device towards the Playstore
  2. Type “com.rsupport.mvagent” on the form, you can also type “Mobizen screen recorder” as you see on the following picture
    Mobizen screen recorder
  3. Click the “Mobizen Screen Recorder” Application (top result on image above with ratting 4.3)
  4. Download and follow the automatic installation processes
  5. After finished, click “Open” and here you are ready to use the Mobizen Screen Recorder – Record, Capture, Edit application on you device

Mobizen for samsung apk Download Tutorial And Guide

There are many free version Android / iPhone Screen Recorder you can find on Playstore or iTunes, but based on the tips on how to choose Screen Recorder app for Android/iOs above, or based on my personal experience, we have to repeatedly looking for the app, download it, install it, and then uninstall to arrive at giving recommendation that Mobizen mobizen screen recorder for Samsung is a quite perfect application to make a Screen Recorder.

Most Screen Recorder app provided recently is being looked for by the COC Gamers so that is no wonder if you see quite many negative comments on the Mobizen Mirroring for Samsung Application Review. The real problem is because of the users’ Android device or Operational System which less support the app to maximize its performance.

For example in the case of Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.9.0 users, because the device’s Operational System is Android KitKat 4.3.3, there are some MobizenMorroring for Samsung features which don’t work properly.

You need Android Lolipop to get the maximum features of the Mobizen for Samsung. But after the update release on November 14th, 2017, Mobizen Recorder for Samsung V has done some improvement such as:

  1. It is compatible for Android Oreo
  2. Adding Remove Unused App Permissions (Camera, Location, SMS) menu

You can download the Mobizen Samsung Ver v by opening the following link. File size is 22.02 MB

Here are some advantages and features of Mobizen for samsung V v

  1. Supports the use of FaceCam
  2. Android 4.4 or more users don’t have to do the rooting
  3. Enables you to make a Full HD video with the best quality from 240 pixel up to 1080 pixel
  4. Flexible setting for any device
  5. Quality: 0,5 Mbps up to 12,0Mbps
  6. Frame per second: 5fps – 60fps

Here the some additional tips for Video Editing with smoothing detail which is quite perfect to develop you creation:

  1. Add your own BGM
  2. Only save the best part by removing the unneeded scenes.
  3. Maximize the other Editing Option such as BGM, intro-outro, cut, separate, frame extraction, etc.

Installation and Starting Up Mobizen Screen Recorder for SAMSUNG

Here are the guidance steps on how to download, install, and start using Mobizen for Samsung type……..

  1. Frist,open the Playstore menu on your Samsung device, then type the application keyword, see the picture above, or type the keyword “Mobizen Screen Recorder for SAMSUNG” also you can directly follow this link  [button-green url=”” target=”_blank” position=”left”]Download Mobizen For Samsung[/button-green]
  2. Click the install button then downloading process of Mobizen App for Samsung will run automatically
  3. Follow the automatic installation process until it is done
  4. Next, if the Mobizen For Samsung is already installed, you can open the app and set the app to remove the watermark or change the logo of the application using people logo(you can skip this step if you don’t want to change the default logo of Mobizen) by pressing the center button as you see in the picture:
  5. Then, you will see setting icon on the application, you can do the setting as you please for example giving duration break before recording and other setting related to technically recording setting.
  6. To start recording, press the upper button which has a recorder logo on it. The function of this button is not only as a command to start the recording process but also can be used to capture your Android device’s screen by pressing the lowest button which has a camera icon on it.

How to change Mobizen Screen Recorder Watermark / Default Logo?

Mobizen app has watermark feature which will always be seen in every result of recording, we see that most of the Mobizen app users are still using the default logo of Mobizen on their video. It decreases the beauty of the recording.

Well,here we will explain how to edit the watermark on the Mobzen app using custom logo made by you.

  1. Download and install Mobizen app on your android device
  2. Please download additional application to ease you doing this tutorial. We recommend you to use PicSay App. This app, you can download it for free in Google Playstore, is a photo editing application
  3. After those points above, the first thing is you have to start making a picture or logo using the PicSay App then save it in the PicSay folder (this process requires editing skills, if you are a professional in photo editing you will easily make a magnificent and interesting logo. But if you are a beginner, don’t worry because this App is quite easy to be used.)
  4. Open PicSay App editor in Select App from Application. Find Mobizen App and click simple edit. Open assets, chose picture from Mobizen and change the picture using the previous logo you’ve made in point three, normally the picture stored in SD directory => Picture =>PicSay
  5. Let the wrapping process run automatically until it’s done then install it. If you see an error installation notification, firstly you have to remove/uninstall the Mobizen App then looking for the Mobizen App in SD Card folder => App editor, then install.
  6. Then, do a recording process and see your result video. already have a unique video with your own watermark on it. Quite easy, isn’t it?

Note: if you are a gamer or a youtuber who make use the Mobizen App to record your game activities then publish/upload the recording result to Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or any other sharing website, so those tutorials will be so useful that your recording will surely be unique and different from others.

How to Use Mobizen For Capturing Mobile Screen?

After reading the review above, then you will get a conclusion that mobizen App is an app which offers so simple interface that even beginners can use it easily.

Mobzen App, which is users friendly and has many features, is well-known in various big country like United States of America, Korea, Japan, Brazil, England, France, Germany, and many others.

For you who like to capture precious moments on your Samsung/Smartphone Android screen, you just have to download Mobizen App for free from Playstrore.Rather than buying a camera, you can save money but still able to make a video or movie like a professionalusing your smartphone.

Well, to start using Mobizen App, just follow the following tips:

  1. First of all, for sure, you have to prepare Mobizen App on your Android. You can see the mobizen download and installation guidance above.
  2. If the installation process is done, click “open”. When you open the application at the first time, you will be directed to approve the terms and conditions guidelines / privacy policy, tick all needed then click ”next”
  3. The next step is to register your active Gmail Account which you use on your Android device
  4. You will be requested to install additional application which can connect your smartphone to the Desktop/PC/Laptop Windows through Wifi, you can click “cancel” if you want to use Mobizen as a Screen Recorder only.
  5. The last process is you will tutorial page on your Android device, choose “next” until the tutorial is finished and mobizen app start button appears.
  6. To start recording a video on your Android Screen, choose “record screen button, then you will see Mobizen icon in your smartphone screen side. Scroll down if it bothers you.
  7. Choose or click camera icon then the recording process will automatically run, there you can see a recording notification
  8. If you have finished record, please press again the camera video icon then choose red square sign, the recording process will stop.

As a closing, Mobizen for samsung is quite light and easy to use. If you have any question, you can leave a comment, we will happily try to help you.

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